From the president

Welcome to the Arizona Federal Lodge!

Thank you for stopping by. Please take a moment and learn about our organization. The Arizona Federal Lodge was founded by ten Federal Agents in 2014, and now serves over 680 Federal Law Enforcement officers from 18 Federal agencies.

The Arizona Federal Lodge is a Fraternal Order of Police Lodge. We are not your typical FOP Lodge and are considered one of the most diverse FOP Lodges in the nation. Most lodges represent specific jurisdictions, while others may represent several agencies within their county. Arizona Federal Lodge represents 18 Federal Law Enforcement agencies, covering the State of Arizona, portions of Utah, California and New Mexico.

We stand by our members in a variety of ways from providing legal protections to hosting family gatherings. We are here to watch the backs of Agents, Rangers, Chiefs, Group Supervisors, and Officers. As Federal Law Enforcement, we have many titles but are all here to protect our country and make it a better place. Our members should not have to worry about looking over their shoulders, and rest knowing they are protected by the Arizona Federal Lodge.

Please look over the website and contact me or any of the members of the E-Board if you have any questions or would like more information.

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Nicholas Mercurio