Who we are

Person with camera in the desert

Arizona Federal Lodge is a Fraternal Lodge. We are one of the most diverse FOP Lodges in the nation. We are not your typical FOP Lodge. Most lodges represent specific jurisdictions, while others may represent several agencies within their county. Arizona Federal Lodge represents 18 Federal Law enforcement agencies, covering the State of Arizona, portions of Utah, California and New Mexico.

Our members are Officers, Agents, Rangers, including second-line Supervisors to Agents in Charge, Chiefs and Directors.

We are sworn to protect and support the Constitution of the United States. We defend our Borders, protect our Veterans and safeguard millions of acres of federally managed land. We watch over our court system and guard Federal Judges. We investigate waste fraud and abuse, child exploitation, homicides, acts of terrorism, civil right violations and enforce hundreds of federal laws.

We are husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters. We work nights, weekends, holidays and we are deployed away from our families for months on end. We are Border Patrol Agents, Air and Marine Interdiction Pilots, Special Agents, Law Enforcement Officers, Rangers, Corrections Officers, Police Officers, and Marshals. We are honored to stand guard and watch over the “Thin Blue Line” with our brothers and sisters from Police Departments, Sheriff’s Offices, and State Law Enforcement agencies. We are proud to serve our nation, salute our flag and defend the American way of life.

CBP boarder Patrol badge